Creating CSR Requests for FTPS in IIS 7.5

IIS 7.5 took a great step forward with the inclusion of an FTPS module that can be installed during set-up. There are a wealth of great sources of information on how to setup an FTPS site, however one issue I ran into was how to generate a CSR to purchase an SSL certificate for my FTPS site. All the examples I saw used self-signed certificates; presumably so the examples could be followed without any costs involved in purchasing an SSL certificate.

 To create a CSR for an FTPS site, you need to open IIS 7.5 manager, click on the server name in the left hand pane, then double click on "Server Certificates" in the main window

From here, click on "Generate Certificate Request" in the right hand actions menu to launch the Request Certificate wizard.
On the first screen of the wizard, you will need to enter the distinguished name properties for your site, remembering to use as the Common Name (obviously replace!).

Clicking next brings you to the Cryptographic Service Provider Properties screen. If you want to read further on the options here, please see this TechNet article, however I would accept the defaults and click next.

And finally, the next screen allows you to select a file location and filename for your CSR:

When you click finish, a text file is saved with your CSR contained within it. Use this CSR to perform a certificate request using your preferred SSL authority/supplier.


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