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MVC - SSL, Testing and Production

I recently had a conversation with a colleague about SSL and how a login page for an MVC application could be forced over SSL, to ensure credentials supplied in the login form are sent over an encrypted channel.

The answer is quite easy: there is a flag that can be set for your controller method calledRequireHttps


During my time as a developer, one problem I have seen and witnessed many times is the one of development code being published to a production environment. The consequences of which can range from minor embarrassment (Response.Write() anyone?) to dangerous security holes.

When debugging an application, having the RequireSSL flag set for a controller method can cause all sorts of issues and the temptation is to comment out this flag for debugging. The danger here of course is that this flag is not then un-commented for deploying to a production environment.

There are several ways to ensure this doesn't happen:

1.You could use IIS and a self-signed certificate when tes…